WOW earn BTC and Crypto Wallet Mining WOW coin token free

WOW earn BTC and Crypto Wallet Mining WOW coin token free
WOW earn BTC and Crypto Wallet Mining WOW coin token free

WOW earn BTC and Crypto Wallet

Building a seamless connection between users and the blockchain world web3 Platform

Download and install WOW earn BTC and Crypto Wallet



Mining wow token

Inviter Link:

Go to the browser and connect the wallet


Go to WOW wallet browser.
Or other wallets like: Trust, Metamask…
Paste inviter link to mine WOW token

WOW EARN Value Proposition

Bring value to users through innovation and focus:

Security: Use the latest blockchain technology and strict security measures and protocols to protect users assets from any malicious attacks.

WOW Coin: WOW Coin is the governance token of the WOW EARN ecosystem, and as the WOW EARN continues to develop, the value of WOW will continue to rise.

Experience: Friendly, intuitive and convenient operation interface, perfect user support system, provide users with more comprehensive service and support.

Public: Through various social platforms, users can keep abreast of the companys latest developments and stage planning in real time, everything is fair, just and open.

Direction: User needs always come first, WOW EARN formulates its roadmap and creates/upgrades products around this core principle.

Community: WOW EARN encourages community members to help each other and rewards users for collaboration in development, marketing, sharing, and more.

Now Earn Staking

WOW EARN Smart Pledge realizes asset optimization allocation, guarantees fund security, and locks in stable pledge income.

Multiple plans: A variety of staking strategies to easily earn passive income.

More Earnings: Double pledge income, earn more WOW Coin.

Multichannel: Support a variety of global mainstream web3 assets.

No risk: Comprehensive audit, on-chain settlement, safe and worry-free.

Join Now And Earn Money

Become An Ambassador And Enjoy Higher Benefits:

Bronze Ambassador: This is the starting level for all new ambassadors. As a Bronze Ambassador, you’ll receive access to the Ambassador portal, exclusive training materials, and support from the WOW EARN team.

Silver Ambassador: To achieve Silver status, you must refer a certain number of people to join WOW EARN, minimum invites are 10 people participate in community events, and provide feedback to help improve the platform.

Gold Ambassador: You will become an outstanding representative and leader in the community, so it is important to demonstrate a high level of participation, actively engage in community activities, and have a significant impact on the community.

Platinum Ambassador: Platinum Ambassadors are the elite members who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, outstanding community impact, and a deep commitment to WOW EARN’s mission. They receive the highest rewards and recognition.

WOW Coin

WOW Coin is the foundation of the WOW ecosystem for trading and exchanging assets, which enhances community governance capabilities, allows creators and users to exchange assets, and build user-based reward platforms. It also enables the development and sharing of truly unique user experiences.

1. Empower the WOW ecosystem.

2. Share the growth dividends of WOW EARN with global participants.

3. Fixed total supply, deflationary model.

4. Solid value support.

5. Value potential leads the era.

Distribution Mechanism

1 billion piecesTotal circulation

50%: Mining pool (500 million pieces)

20%: Private placement (200 million pieces)

15%: Operation Development (150 million pieces)

10%: Founding team (100 million pieces)

5%: Community incentives (50 million pieces)

Development Roadmap

Q4 2022:

Establishment of WOW EARN team.
Release of WOW EARN whitepaper and development plan.

Q1 2023:

Successful testing of Dapp project.
WOW EARN is launched.
Support for ETH, BNB, and TRX.
Open USDT staking.
Unique referral mechanism created.
Open staking trial fund.
50,000 WOW EARN users reached.
Partnerships with major blockchain media established.

Q2 2023:

Smart contract audit approved.
Dapp contract audit approved.
New brand image launched.
WOW coin publicly issued.
100,000 WOW EARN users reached.
Contract trading enabled.
Support for cross-chain transactions.
More staking pools.
Support for multi-currency staking.
Strategic partnerships formed with numerous DeFi projects.

Q3 2023:

500,000 WOW EARN users reached.
Global brand partnerships.
Web3 offline activities launched.

Q4 2023:

1,000,000 WOW EARN users reached.
Integration of token and NFT asset data across multiple scenarios.
Creation of WOW Ecological Universe.

Q1 2024:

WOW coin listed on DEX exchanges.
WOW coin listed on CEX exchanges.

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