World App Worldcoin Wallet World ID

World App Worldcoin Wallet World ID

World App is the simple wallet designed to make the Worldcoin and Ethereum protocols accessible for everyone.


It starts with World ID, your human passport to access the new online world. Verify it privately with an Orb, and then use it to seamlessly sign in to websites, mobile apps and crypto dapps proving you’re a unique and real person without sharing personal data like names or emails.


People in eligible countries can also use it to claim Worldcoin Grants every month*. The app will remind you when a new grant becomes available and you can claim it using your verified World ID.*


Use the wallet to save digital money – starting with USDC by Circle – with shortcuts to deposit and withdraw using bank accounts or local payment methods through licensed partners around the world. You can also instantly send digital dollars to friends or family members around the world using their phone contact or crypto address, without fees.


Learn about Ethereum and Bitcoin, track your balances, get notified with major changes and easily trade in available markets using decentralized exchanges.


Enjoy gas-free transactions with your verified World ID, receive notifications for your actions, track their status at a glance, and if you ever need something, dedicated 24/7 chat support in English, Spanish and Portuguese is ready to help.

*Worldcoin tokens are not intended to be available to individuals or companies who are residents of, or are located, incorporated, or have a registered agent in the United States or other restricted territories.

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APP on Androi:

World ID

A more human internet with global proof‑of‑personhood. Privacy‑First. Self‑custodial. Decentralized.

World ID is a digital passport that lets you prove you are a unique and real person while remaining anonymous.

Use Sign in with Worldcoin to authenticate into web, mobile, and decentralized applications, and privately share your personhood verifications including phone number for ease, or biometrics for the maximum level of assurance.

Build with World ID SDK
The protocol is live and open source. The SDK is currently in beta, and you can join the waitlist for early access.

World App

More human access to the global economy with identity and finance for all. Privacy‑first. No fees. 24 hour support.

Intentionally designed for simplicity and inclusivity

It leverages the Worldcoin and Ethereum protocols to help everyone easily authenticate their Proof of Personhood with World ID, send money to anyone for free, claim Worldcoin Grants in countries it’s available*, and explore crypto tokens.

Worldcoin Token (WLD)

A more human token freely, equally, and globally distributed to unique humans.**

The future of the world is bright. And it belongs to the people of the world.
Simple tools for the age of AI with easy access to decentralized identity and finance.

Worldcoin Tokenomics

Token Ovweview

Launch DateJuly 24, 2023
Network InformationWorldcoin (WLD) is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum Mainnet. Individuals will receive their user grants on Optimism Mainnet. Therefore, most WLD transactions will likely take place on the Optimism network. If needed, the token can be bridged back to Ethereum through the Optimism bridge.
Address: Ethereum0x163f8c2467924be0ae7b5347228cabf260318753
Address: Optimism (main venue for access and use)0xdc6ff44d5d932cbd77b52e5612ba0529dc6226f1
Initial supply cap10B WLD
InflationUp to 1.5% per year. Inflation can start at the earliest after 15 years. Inflation rate is set by protocol governance. Default inflation rate = 0%.
Circulating supplyAt launch, the maximum circulating supply will be 143M WLD (see below)
How to receive free WLD tokensSubject to Availability (see below), anyone in the world can download the World App and reserve user grants. To claim WLD, anyone can visit an Orb in person to verify their uniqueness and humanness. See here for the current availability of Orbs around the world
Live on-chain dataDune dashboard

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