What is Turan Network? How to register? How to kyc? How to withdraw?

Turan Network
Turan Network

What is Turan Network?

TURAN is a new digital currency. This app allows you to access and grow your TURAN assets and acts as a wallet to hold your digital assets. Super crypto-friendly app! It’s simple – your mining rig is already installed and running in the cloud. As soon as you set it up

Total supply: 2,024,000,000 TURAN

How to register Turan Network?

Registering and downloading the Turan Network application is quite simple

  • Enter email
  • Enter password
  • Go to your email and click the link to authenticate
  • Exploitation at 12 o’clock; After every 12 hours, come back and press the mining button

Access the link to download the app for Android:


App for IOS: updating

Invitation code: ZjRywycx

How to kyc Turan Network?

Verification fee with crypto $1.20

Payment options
Usdt (TRC20) TLkSZ6dGRkSw1qdgyKtqMAk88khdya39rQ
Trx (TRC20) TLkSZ6dGRkSw1qdgyKtqMAk88khdya39rQ
Bnb (Bep20) 0x4864d5d8b20c340465a253385b24ae76f9689604

Binance pay id : 22262992

Pay and email adress send

Contact Telegram: @turannetworksupport

How to withdraw?

TURAN NETWORK mining withdrawal

Steps 1 : Copy your BNB Smart Chain address from your Trustwallet or Metamask wallets

Steps 2 : Paste the address you copied into the section in the application and write the amount you want to withdraw at the bottom and click on the Withdraw button.

  • Complete your withdrawal requests on September 28 and 29.
  • Your payments will be automatically sent to your wallet on September 30.
  • Each user has the right to withdraw once a month. Make sure you follow the steps correctly.
  • Only Verified users can withdraw
  • Users who forget to withdraw can submit a withdrawal request the following month.

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