Token Economics Catly

Token Symbol and Contract Token Symbol

$CATLY Token Contract Address: 0x1d78d8b0a7c88421A644230d3E54C8799e30A0A0

Network: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

CATLY has a total supply of 2,100,000,000 tokens. According to the allocation plan: Presale&Rewards 70% (1,470,000,000), Exchanges 15% (315,000,000), Marketing 10% (210,000,000), Ecosystem Fund 5% (105,000,000).

During CATLY’s buy/sell transactions, there is an 7% transaction tax. This 7% tax is allocated as follows: 5% for holders’ dividends,1% automatically added to the liquidity pool to ensure liquidity, and 1% burned to reduce the total supply.

CATLY holders will benefit from the dividend distribution mechanism, receiving an additional dividend of 5% from the transaction tax. Such incentive measures encourage holders to actively participate and support the development of the CATLY ecosystem.

We have chosen Binance Smart Chain as the network for CATLY token, providing efficient transaction speed and low transaction costs. It is also connected with the Binance ecosystem and numerous DeFi applications, offering more opportunities and growth potential for CATLY’s development.

How to successfully claim the $CATLY airdrop?

Only Binance users are allowed to claim the airdrop,
There are two methods to claim the airdrop. 

1.The first method requires us to pay you a verification amount, and Binance does not accept too fast transfer frequency, so the probability of successful claim is low.

2.The second method is that you pay us any amount and submit your Binance PAY ID (Not binance id ), which has a very high success rate.

If you tried to use the second method before, but failed to claim it, please try again. Now it does the job pretty well.

Registration link

Registration link:

Affilate code – Invite code: 359124

Refer and earn: 10 levals of commission

LV1: 3,5%; LV2: 1,8%; LV3: 1,6%; LV4: 1,4%; LV5: 1,2%; LV6: 1%; LV7: 0,8%; LV8: 0,4%; LV9: 0,2%; LV10: 0,1%

Enter information

Login and claim

Step 1

Login and claim

Step 2

Enter usdt wallet on binance exchange

Step 3

The verification code is the amount of usdt sent to the Binance exchange wallet


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