Novice tutorial with project BMW USDT

Novice tutorial with project BMW USDT
Novice tutorial with project BMW USDT

BMWUSDT.IO is a licensed compliant company located at 555 17th St, Denver, CO 80202, USS! Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world. This is exactly the next area that many entrepreneurs look forward to exploring and growing! The platform always uses independent innovation technology, efficient and excellent product applications, adheres to the mission of “technological innovation, long-term win-win and easier trust”, and Time will partner with global blockchain and crypto enthusiasts to create brilliance!

Novice tutorial with project BMW USDT

1: You need a trusted wallet APP that can be used for recharge and withdrawal (you can use Binance Wallet or OKX Wallet and any other encrypted trading platform that supports TRC or ERC network)

2: Purchase USDT in your trust wallet APP

3: Click on the BMW platform to recharge, copy the wallet address

4: Open your trust wallet APP, select USDT to transfer to the address you copied

5: The BMW platform will automatically arrive within 10 minutes after the transfer is completed

6: Click (Buy) under the BMW platform and enter the amount to buy GH/S

7: Click on the mining pool and collect your mining profit once a day

8: The profit reaches 10USDT, you can choose to withdraw, or reach 2USDT to directly buy GH/S to increase your daily mining profit

9: Select cash withdrawal on this platform, enter your wallet receiving address, and the cash will be automatically credited within 5 minutes after successful withdrawal

Sign up for a BMW USDT account

Access Link:

Invitation code: 6966975

– Enter Email

– Enter the login password

– Enter security password (This password will be entered when we withdraw money)


How to deposit?

Home – > Deposit – > Qr code or copy address wallet 

Novice tutorial with project BMW USDT
How to deposit

Qr code or copy address wallet 

Coppy address wallet
Coppy address wallet

How to buy Hashrate?

Price – > Enter the amount of usdt – Click Buy Hashrate

Get daily profit

How to withdraw money?

Withdrawal – > Network  USDT TRC20 – > Enter USDT TRC20 – > Enter security password – > Select Submit Withdrawal – > OK

The mining profit statement is as follows

Account 10GH/S—daily profit 0.25USDT

Account 100GH/S—daily profit 2.5USDT

Account 1000GH/S—daily profit 30USDT

Account 10000GH/S—daily profit 410USDT

Account 30000GH/S—daily profit 1500USDT

Account 50000GH/S—daily profit 3000USDT

Account 100000GH/S—daily profit 8000USDT

Account 1000000GH/S—daily profit 130000USDT

Daily income algorithm: account GH/S amount * VIP level interest rate percentage = daily mining profit
For example: membership level VIP2, account 1000GH/S, daily mining profit: 1000*3.00%=30USDT

How to increase mining profit: The more account GH/S, the higher the daily mining profit. When the account GH/S reaches 1000GH/S, the system will automatically upgrade to VIP2 level, and the daily interest rate will increase to 3.00%.

The minimum deposit amount is 2USDT, the minimum withdrawal amount is 10USDT, 1GH/S=1USDT)

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