Nova Network Web3 SocialFi Mining NOVA token and earn money

Network Web3 SocialFi Mining NOVA token and earn money
Network Web3 SocialFi Mining NOVA token and earn money

What is Nova network?

Nova Network is an invitation-only social media platform that rewards the user for creating content, referring new users, or even voting on content quality to earn advertising revenue.

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Imagine you could earn with your hours and effort interacting with the social media world – this is why you should move on to Nova Network, the largest web3 SocialFi project. Nova Network is an interactive game and social network.

Empowering Content Readers with Choices

Exhausted by being spoon-fed tasteless content? Say no to the BlackBox algorithm.

In Nova Network content readers can vote all contents upward or downward which directly influences the display order in all other users’ discovery walls.

Sharing Advertising Revenue with Content Creators and Platform Users

Content creators (together with their followers) and platform users’ continuous efforts are the greatest contributors to the multi-billion dollar social media advertising economy, but they are sharing literally no profit from it in the Web2 era. The content creator will earn Nova network token as a reward from the community, the higher engagement content will help the user earn more tokens.

If platform users want to subscribe to paid content, and placing advertisement in the ad system, they will need to purchase and use Novas Plus’s tokens.

Importance of KYC – Dual Tokens Mechanisms

There are 2 types of tokens in Nova Network’s ecosystem – Novas and Novas Plus.

Novas ‘ utilities include P2P transfer, subscribing to paid content, buying the voice of a post, becoming the top commenter, and more.

Novas Plus’ utilities include staking, project governance, paying for ad placement in the social network, and more.

Only a real person who has passed KYC can earn both Novas and Novas Plus tokens. Say bye to robots as they can never earn Novas Plus tokens!

Unique Tokenomics – Dual Crypto System

While both Novas and Novas Plus tokens are of different utilities, the user can only earn both Novas and Novas Plus tokens after completing the KYC process, this unique dual crypto system safeguards the fairness of the Nova Network ecosystem and only benefit real persons.

Greatest Airdrop in the Social Media Project History

Click to Earn

You start earning tokens simply by one click.

Refer to Earn

Refer new users to join our community and earn bonus tokens.

Create to Earn

Create quality content and receive bonus tokens when your connections have voted your content upwards.

Vote to Earn

You help the community decide which contents are of good quality by voting content upwards and downwards. No matter what you vote you will earn bonus tokens by voting.

Why you should join Nova Network?

1 – You can earn both Novas and Novas Plus tokens (once you have passed KYC) and enjoy their utilities within the ecosystem.

2 – You are rewarded by tokens for all the contributions you made to the buildup of this social media platform. When you read contents, create contents, vote contents upward and downward and invite new users to join, you will be rewarded with different amount of tokens.

3 – In Nova Network content readers can vote all contents upward or downward which directly influence the value of the contents. You are no longer being spoon fed content decided by blackbox algorithm

Let’s join Nova Network today free of charges!

Start Earning from Web3 Social Media Join Nova Network Today

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5 – day Streak for KYC

Check in 5 days consecutively to unlock a KYC slot

Every day every 24 hours press the mining button

Novas Token Earnings

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