Complete the task to receive free tokenza tokens at the 75.000.000 tokenza airdrop event

Tokenza airdrop free
Tokenza airdrop free


Tokenza – Cryptocurrencies without Borders, safety without compromise! Our mission is to create a secure and easy to use web3 access platform and open ecosystem.

All Tokenza products and services are decentralized and only you have access to your crypto assets.

Airdrop 75000000 tokenza tokens

TKZ is the token of the Tokenza ecosystem. The token is implemented on the Tron (TRX) blockchain. Max supply: 9 800 000 000.

AirDrop TKZ is valid until 11/20/2023. TKZ tokens will be available for withdrawal via end of the event.

The terms of participation in airdrop

Register on the platform (Maximum 1 account per user): 100 TKZ

Invite friends using your referral link and get rewarded for every signup: 50 TKZ for each

Record a video about Tokenza, publish it on YouTube and other platforms, and include your referral link in the video description: 1000 TKZ

Invest in Tokenza and get guaranteed income and 10 TKZ for every $1 invested. (Maximum 10,000 TKZ per user): 10 TKZ for every 1$

How to register

Registration link:

Invitation code: f94blog

Enter complete information according to the instructions

Tokenza Wallet

Launching in October 2023

Tokenza Wallet is a secure cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple blockchains and provides quick and easy access to store and manage your crypto assets!

Tokenza Swap (Multi-chain permissionless trading)

The Tokenza Swap decentralized exchange is a crypto asset trading application where exchange and other transactions take place using smart contracts rather than a centralized trading system.

The platform is built on the Tron blockchain and supports assets on several more EVM-compatible chains.

Tokenza partner; DyDx, Coinbase, Kukoin, Pancakeswap, bithumb, uniswap, Huobi…

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