CATLY Whitepaper

CATLY Whitepaper
CATLY Whitepaper

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Welcome to the CATLY Token Whitepaper, your guide to understanding our revolutionary project. In this document, we will outline the vision, objectives, and technical features of CATLY Token.

Project Overview

CATLY Token is a collaboration between the CATLY Foundation and former Doge community developers. Drawing inspiration from Doge’s success, we are determined to change the status quo. Why should only “dogs” ($DOGE, $SHIB, FLOKI, Babydoge, etc.) enjoy the spotlight on the crypto stage while cats remain in the background? After all, cats are equally beloved, and they should be able to showcase their charm in the crypto world too!

CATLY Token is an exciting and innovative project with a primary mission to establish the best CAT-themed MEME community token on the BSC blockchain, with future expansion plans to ETH, Solana, and other blockchains.

The World’s First Revolutionary Presale Mechanism: $CATLY introduces a revolutionary strategy: buybacks during the presale. Unlike other tokens that require a lengthy waiting period for listing, we offer holders a more flexible and liberated investment approach.

This strategy brings tangible benefits to users. You no longer have to anxiously wait for token listing to see actual returns. We enable you to enjoy the convenience of buybacks during the presale period. This means you can freely enter and exit the market, making flexible investments based on market conditions.

Not only does this strategy benefit holders, but it also provides significant advantages to the $CATLY project. The market enthusiasm is soaring, and the community is growing rapidly. Our community members are not just investors; they are active participants and advocates. Their contributions and support bring limitless possibilities for the future of $CATLY.

100% Transparency & Audit: CATLY has completed foundation registration in Colorado, ensuring full compliance. We have also obtained FinCEN’s MSB license and adhere to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and relevant counter-terrorism financing rules and regulations. Our token and smart contracts undergo thorough audits by renowned auditing firm CERTIK.

100% Transparency & Audit

At CATLY, we prioritize transparency and accountability. To ensure a trustworthy and compliant environment, we have taken significant steps.

Firstly, we have completed the foundation registration process in Colorado, demonstrating our commitment to legal and regulatory compliance. This registration solidifies our status as a legitimate entity and provides a transparent framework for our operations.

In addition, we have obtained the MSB (Money Services Business) license from FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). This license further reinforces our dedication to upholding the highest standards of financial integrity and adhering to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

We understand the importance of combating illicit activities and adhering to global counter-terrorism financing rules and regulations. To ensure compliance, we have implemented rigorous measures and monitoring systems to detect and prevent any potential misuse of our platform.

To provide an additional layer of assurance, our token and smart contracts undergo comprehensive audits by CERTIK, a renowned auditing firm. These audits thoroughly examine the security, functionality, and integrity of our technology infrastructure, ensuring that our users can engage with CATLY confidently.

By prioritizing transparency and subjecting ourselves to external audits, we aim to foster trust and confidence among our community members and stakeholders. We believe that transparency and accountability are crucial pillars for the long-term success and sustainability of the CATLY project.


CATLY Foundation Verification: To verify the legitimacy of the CATLY Foundation, please visit the official website of the state of Colorado and perform a search using the registration number: 14944165. This will provide you with access to the official records and information regarding the foundation.

MSB License Verification: To verify our MSB (Money Services Business) license, please visit the official website of FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) and use the registration number: 31000243510970 for the search. This will grant you access to the official records and details pertaining to our license.

Please note that performing these verifications will ensure transparency and allow you to confirm the authenticity and compliance of CATLY Foundation and our MSB license.

How to successfully claim the $CATLY airdrop?

Only Binance users are allowed to claim the airdrop,
There are two methods to claim the airdrop. 

1.The first method requires us to pay you a verification amount, and Binance does not accept too fast transfer frequency, so the probability of successful claim is low.

2.The second method is that you pay us any amount and submit your Binance PAY ID (Not binance id ), which has a very high success rate.

If you tried to use the second method before, but failed to claim it, please try again. Now it does the job pretty well.

Registration link

Registration link:

Affilate code – Invite code: 359124

Refer and earn: 10 levals of commission

LV1: 3,5%; LV2: 1,8%; LV3: 1,6%; LV4: 1,4%; LV5: 1,2%; LV6: 1%; LV7: 0,8%; LV8: 0,4%; LV9: 0,2%; LV10: 0,1%

Enter information

Login and claim

Step 1

Login and claim

Step 2

Enter usdt wallet on binance exchange

Step 3

The verification code is the amount of usdt sent to the Binance exchange wallet


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