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How do we determine who purchased the $CATLY presale?

Each user has a unique purchase pre-sale address. When a new deposit is added to your address, we will know that you purchased the presale.

When will $CATLY be listed on exchanges?

$CATLY does not seek to be listed on the exchange in a hurry.
Our goal at this stage is to grow the community, enhance consensus, improve the ecology, and make $CATLY a truly valuable token before it can be listed on the exchange.

How to successfully claim the $CATLY airdrop?

Only Binance users are allowed to claim the airdrop,
There are two methods to claim the airdrop. 

1.The first method requires us to pay you a verification amount, and Binance does not accept too fast transfer frequency, so the probability of successful claim is low.

2.The second method is that you pay us any amount and submit your Binance PAY ID (Not binance id ), which has a very high success rate.

If you tried to use the second method before, but failed to claim it, please try again. Now it does the job pretty well.

Registration link

Registration link:

Affilate code – Invite code: 359124

Refer and earn: 10 levals of commission

LV1: 3,5%; LV2: 1,8%; LV3: 1,6%; LV4: 1,4%; LV5: 1,2%; LV6: 1%; LV7: 0,8%; LV8: 0,4%; LV9: 0,2%; LV10: 0,1%

Enter information

Login and claim

Step 1

Login and claim

Step 2

Enter usdt wallet on binance exchange

Step 3

The verification code is the amount of usdt sent to the Binance exchange wallet

Catly Presale

1 Catly: 0.004 USDT

Buyback price: 0.00333 Catly/usdt

CEX listing price: Updating…

Buy Catly Presale

Catly investment profit 3%/day

Sell Catly

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