where sport, game and socical meet crypto, making earning fun and easy where sport, game and socical meet crypto, making earning fun and easy where sport, game and socical meet crypto, making earning fun and easy

Unleash the power of decentralized sports social, gaming, and finance with community-driven Web3 protocol.

Swiper.Social as the driving force behind this change, providing the tools, technology, and infrastructure to make this vision a reality.

Swiper.Social is a revolutionary Web3 Sport SocialFi that allows sport fans to earn cryptocurrency by predicting the winners of their sports games and power up their NFT cards. With a simple swipe of the finger, Players can choose the team they think will win and earn tokens that can be used to participate in daily earnings and other earning opportunity within the platform.

Swiper.Social is more than just a sports card game – it is a fully immersive social experience where Players can create their own Clans, follow others, and interact with the community. With a decentralized finance mechanism, Swiper.Social offers a truly inclusive sports gaming experience that anyone can participate in, regardless of their background or financial status.

Swiper.Social provides a fun, simple, and rewarding sports gaming experience that empower individuals and communities to participate in the emerging decentralized sports gaming economy.
The gamification features a swiping mechanism, similar to popular dating apps, where players can swipe left or right on different profiles.

Swiper.Social is a socialFi that utilizes game mechanics and blockchain technology to allow players to build their own Clan. When Clan members swipe together, they can earn more currency, which is referred to as passive income. The more active and successful a Clan is, the more passive income its members can earn.

Players have the option to buy and sell Stadiums as dynamic NFTs, allowing Players to diversify their digital asset portfolio and potentially realize profits from their gameplay. Meanwhile, Investors could buy a “League or Football Club” NFT to enjoy both staking and real yield farming rewards.

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Fun & easy: Swipe like Tinder to earn free tokens whenever your choice is correct.

Clan of wealth: Invite friends to build your socio network of passive income.

Sport social: Swipe together, Earn together. The first sport social is made by you.

3D sport NFTs: Upgrade stadium NFT and connect with other NFTs to socialize and earn more.

Reward every day: Earn from each swipe every day and harvest passive income every week.

Multiple earnings: Increase your income streams in various ways with sport industry and real-time.

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