ANTTIME app mining free TIME coin, Mine coins every hour with just a single click

ANTTIME app mining free TIME coin, Mine coins every hour with just a single click
ANTTIME app mining free TIME coin, Mine coins every hour with just a single click


Welcome to ANTTIME, everyone. We are going to become ants and create a true Web3 world. Everyone has a fair amount of time, but are you using it to its full potential? Make your time more valuable with ANTTIME. With the ANTTIME app, users can turn their time into an asset with a simple click. Your ants will be working hard to produce on your behalf. Use your time to participate in the TIME Blockchain ecosystem and engage in various economic activities such as creating, owning, and monetising within the metaverse.

ANTTIME is a true Web3 project that combines Game-Fi and Social-Fi. Our goal is to create a Web3 ecosystem that is equitable and reasonable for everyone using the absolute good of time. We will build a true Web3 ecosystem through the TIME Blockchain, which is the core of ANTTIME, and provide an immersive second life through the metaverse platform ANTTAVERSE.

How to Create your ANTTIME Account.

Account Selection

Choose the account you want to sign up with. Users can proceed with the registration by selecting either Google account or Apple account.

To use ANTTIME services, you must agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. By Creating Account, you are considered to agree to all of them. If you do not wish to agree, you will be unable to access the services.

Setting up PIN number

Setting up your 6-digit PIN number. Please enter your desired PIN number and confirm it again. Your PIN number will be used for activities such as wallet access and item purchases. Please be careful not to disclose your password.

You can reset your PIN number in Home – Profile – Settings.

Entering Referral code

Gathering teammates is a crucial element in building the ANTTIME ecosystem. The more teammates you gather, the higher the productivity of your ants. Form guilds with recruited teammates and enjoy various economic activities in the ANTTAVERSE!

You can join ANTTIME without entering a referral code. If you enter a referral code during the registration process, you will receive a 10% of additional production efficiency bonus. If you don’t enter a referral code, you will participate with the default production efficiency. Please note that the referral code entry screen is only displayed once during the initial registration, and you won’t be able to change or enter it later.

Setting Nickname

Your nickname represents you in the ANTTIME ecosystem. Especially, your nickname is used as a referral code, so having a unique nickname refer to have a greater value. Join the ecosystem swiftly, seize a cool nickname, and represent the community!

Your nickname can be set as a combination of English letters and numbers, ranging from 4 to 15 characters. English letters are case-insensitive, and please note that words that impersonate administrators or contain offensive language are not allowed. Please set your nickname accordingly, keeping these guidelines in mind.

Account creation completed

Congratulations on completing all the account creation steps by setting your nickname. 👏👏 Now, let’s make your time more valuable with your Ant Friends!

How to Download ANTTIME App.

To install the app, search for “ANTTIME” on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Please check the supported OS platforms before installation.

Refferal code: VUTHICHI111


How to Sign-in to your ANTTIME Account.

Account Selection

You will now select the account you signed up with. Just like in the Create Account step, you can choose between a Google account or Apple account. Once successfully select your account, you will complete the sign-in process and access to ANTTIME for an enjoyable experience.

How to Set-up your ANTTIME App Settings.

1. Setting profile image

ANTTIME will provide PFP NFT customization feature through future updates.

2. Changing PIN number

By clicking on the “Reset PIN” button, you can set a new PIN number. An authentication email will be sent to the email address associated with your account. Please check your inbox and click on the link provided in the email to proceed with setting a new PIN number.

3. Notification Settings

You can enable or disable app notifications, and when it’s set to “Off,” you won’t receive any push notifications from the app.

4. Other settings

In the Settings tab, you can manage all the necessary settings when using ANTTIME.

5. Account Deletion

By clicking the “Delete Account” button, you will initiate the account deletion process. Please enter your PIN number and type “Agree” to confirm the account deletion.

Once you delete your account, it will not be possible to recover the assets in your Spending. Additionally, please note that once you have withdrawn from the service, rejoining with the same account is not possible. Please keep these points in mind before proceeding with the account deletion.

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