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CAKECORE Free Airdrop

The CakeCore is a gamified blockchain technology that allows you to obtain CakeCore token (hereinafter referred to as CAKE) by mining with your smartphone.

CakeCore token (CAKE) is issued based on CORE CHAIN (CORE) and is controlled by the community working on the CakeCore project. CAKE holders and staking investors can propose directions and ideas for the CakeCore project, reject or approve by voting.

CakeCore token (CAKE) contract
Contract: 0x7c6a914cb866654b50f94e66b80c046dd9225ba9
Total supply: 2,100,000,000 CakeCore (CAKE)
Symbol: CAKE
Decimals: 18

Mining and profit calculation method
The mining groups are largely divided into miners (M), referrer (R), and staking funder (S), who are rewarded with CAKE by mining and crowding. We also have a Core Team (C) that does all of this and develops apps, businesses and services. Each is rewarded with CAKE by performing his or her role. CakeCore is designed as a network of people who foster players who can exchange business, services, and products in real life with CAKE balances and make CAKE listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Profit is the amount of CAKE earned by pressing the claim button until the 24-hour mining session is over.

If you mine every day before listing, this amount of CAKE accumulates and is stored in your wallet.
CAKE’s profit depends on the activities of miners, reference, and staking funders.

Miners (M)
Miners log in to the app every 24 hours and click the “START” button to start a new mining session & claim CAKE from the previous mining session. Bitcoin and Ethereum are being mined at high cost by mining companies, using huge amounts of energy and data. However, CAKE is mined by remotedly from out cloud server that does not cost much for mining companies.

Telegram: (@cakecore_io)
Twitter: (@cakecore_io)

Aidrop và khai thác đào miễn phí coin Cake trên nền Core Chain cho aidrop miễn phí đồng Cake, Đăng ký & Trở thành Người tiên phong ngay hôm nay. Đừng bỏ lỡ cơ hội nhận airdrop $CakeCore miễn phí.

Hiện đang cho khai thác với tốc độ khá nhanh 4-5CAKE/giờ, anh em tranh thủ đăng ký và khai thác nhé

Contract: 0x7C6A914cB866654b50f94e66b80c046DD9225BA9

Đăng ký tài khoản nhận aidrop và khai thác miễn phí

Truy cập link:

Điền đầy đủ thông tin hành chính như hình, nhớ nhập số căn cước chuẩn để sau KYC xác minh thông tin

Mã giới thiệu để tăng tốc khai thác và nhận 96 CAKE: nvcf94pro

Sau khi đăng ký xong ta đăng nhập và tiến hành nhận aidrop cũng như bắt đầu khai thác

Vào Menu -> chọn Aidrop và nhấn Start để khai thác; cứ sau 24h ta vào nhấn khai thác 1 lần

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